For over 60 years MAGSEAL’s aerospace sealing solutions have maximized service life and reliability in highly challenging and demanding aerospace applications. Through the use of innovative materials and a highly experienced engineering team, our specialty seal solutions – both magnetic and spring energized – withstand the unique conditions and environments typically experienced in state-of-the-art rotating systems. Operating conditions include high surface speeds, extreme acceleration and deceleration, high temperatures, high vibration, extreme shock loads continuously rotating, counter-rotating, and frequent rotation reversals. We optimize mechanical seal performance while meeting requirements for low mass and consistent low unit loading over various operating ranges.

Plane Background

In addition to engineering innovative custom sealing solutions for new and demanding applications, our engineering team also troubleshoots, designs, and upgrades older seal configurations to maximize system reliability. Many aerospace customers first engage with MAGSEAL to help correct a sealing problem, and we consistently (and very often exclusively) provide the only successful, highly reliable and durable retrofit solution. We can retrofit solutions in difficult or close-fitting envelopes where conventional or even advanced lip seals are inadequate.


The most demanding and highest profile aerospace customers trust MAGSEAL Our sealing solutions maximize critical system reliability for every branch of the US military, a broad array of commercial aviation fixed and rotary wing aircraft applications, ground support equipment, missile systems, and unmanned aerial equipment. Our seals are applied on such primary and secondary power systems as:

  • small engine mainshafts
  • engine airframe and accessory gearboxes
  • intermediate and tail rotor gearboxes
  • auxiliary power units
  • pneumatic starters and starter motors
  • generators and alternators
  • constant speed drives
  • fuel pumps and controls
  • hydraulic pumps and motors
  • wing flap and slat actuators
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