Installation Guides

Installation Guides

For written installation instructions, please click here.

Please note that the following are examples, and that MAGSEAL can create a 3D PDF for specific applications on request (a fee may be required).
Model 10 3D PDF Example of Installation Procedure
3D PDF examples of Installation Procedures.

General Handling & Installation

To become a certified installer of MAGSEAL’s for your applications, contact MAGSEAL for information on Certification Training.

Service Information Letter

Approved MAGSEAL Lubricants

Date: February 26, 2015

A new Service Information Letter (SIL) discussing recommended O-Ring lubricants has been added to the “For Customers” section of our website. Please login to the customer portal to obtain the entire SIL. An overview is below:

Lubrication of the O-rings and the interfacing hardware surfaces that come in contact with them during the installation of the MAGSEAL®, such as, shaft diameter, housing/retainer bore diameter and their lead chamfers, is important for the proper operation of the MAGSEAL®. In order to provide the proper seating of the magnet ring (stator) against the housing/retainer bore shoulder, as well as, preventing roll or twist of the seal case (rotor) O-ring that causes an extra preload on the carbon seal face, MSC had approved only one (1) O-ring lubricant for all aerospace fluids (synthetic and mineral based lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and fuels) with the exception being phosphate ester fluids.

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