High Precision Industry

High Precision Applications in Automotive, Marine and Rail Industries

Automotive/Motor Sports

The high-performance fluid power systems found in racing vehicles require mechanical seals that match the distinctively demanding capabilities and reliability needed for highly engineered vehicles. MAGSEAL is known worldwide as a critical support to this industry where traditional commodity automotive seals can come in last.

Since our seal solutions have a long and excellent track record in aircraft systems which require maneuvering through high speed, high vibration, high pressure environments, MAGSEALs uniformly loaded, low torque designs make them perfect sealing solutions in Formula 1 and other high performance racing vehicles including racing motorbikes.  MAGSEAL has been supplying critical seals to one of the leading Teams in Formula 1 racing for over 14 years.

More recently, the rapidly growing advanced specialty automotive market is turning to MAGSEAL for customized seal design and development in applications applying kinetic propulsion, in turbochargers, superchargers, in-wheel systems and on electric vehicles where low start torque and uniform loading are a critical requirement for managing and directing efficient power consumption.


With support through strategic partners, MAGSEAL is able to offer a full complement of static and dynamic seals to meet the demands of the marine applications. With its commercial sealing solutions, MAGSEAL provides seals for gyro systems and a variety of marine pumps and equipment supporting marine system readiness, crew safety and cost management.


MAGSEALs can be found in rail health services and inspection systems.  The MAGSEAL’s unique ability to manage shaft run out, mechanical and harmonic vibration and overall environmental conditions allows rail inspection to be conducted without interruption.  Moreover since rail health systems often apply lip seals, MAGSEAL is able to provide a custom design that can be retrofitted into existing lip seal cavities without modification to equipment.

Special Sealing Solutions

New, breakthrough innovations are queued up on our Technology Roadmap where MAGSEAL’s experienced engineering team routinely adds new concepts for development and testing that are advancing the state of the art in mechanical sealing.  Our pipeline of new products includes concepts employing our expertise in magnetics, analyzing and evaluating advanced hydrodynamic features, evaluating tribological materials and applying additive manufacturing techniques and other advancements.

MAGSEAL offers a line of spring loaded rotary seals that maximize critical system reliability.  Whether applying hydrodynamic features including lift geometry onto interfacing surfaces, or conventional contacting seal designs, MAGSEAL has a solution covering all possible options in mechanical sealing design.

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